Welcome To Operation Give-A-Bear!

Imagine waking up during the holidays without any presents or even without a parent or something comforting to hug. Wouldn’t a teddy bear put a smile on your face? Wouldn’t having something to hug make you feel so much better? That’s pretty much how it is for the kids we’re donating our bears to. You can make those kids’ days by making donations to Operation Give-A-Bear.  Operation Give-A-Bear gives teddy bears to children that might not be getting anything else for the holidays. Operation Give a Bear has been “operating” for 12 years, and has raised $270,731 and given away 35,769 bears to date.
Operation Give-A-Bear now has a Facebook Page. Become a fan and make it easier to know the news and recieve updates on Operation Give-A-Bear. Check out the Operation Give-A-Bear Facebook Page.