In 2005, Operation Give-A-Bear was founded to benefit underprivileged, at risk children by giving them teddy bears at the holidays. Along with those donated bears, OGAB gave those children smiles. Since, we have grown and expanded our donations and influence.

The newest goal of OGAB is not only to benefit the receiving children, but to get more children involved in the giving process. Making deliveries, volunteering at the event, and fundraising, children have always been a large part of OGAB’s history. Our next goal is for teenagers and older children to be instructing and aiding younger children in their community service skills by fundraising for OGAB.

Teddy Bear Clinic provides an educational, uplifting appointment for kids at Children’s Mercy.

Operation Give-A-Bear gives teddy bears to underprivileged, at risk children
and those of deployed military, as well as senior citizens. Our recipients are typically living in a financial or emotionally trying time, and it is our goal that they have a reminder that someone cares.   Each bear will be decorated for the holidays and given to Children of the Phoenix Family Housing, Military Families and other Charitable Groups.  OGAB is a 501c3 charitable corporation and donations are tax-deductible.

Operation Give a Bear has been “operating” for 9 years, and has raised $185,512.00 and given away 26,319 bears to date.